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About Us

Unafraid - Persistent - Leading - Inspiring - Friendly - Team-players

UpLift Jump Rope, founded in 2018, consists of recreational, performance, and competitive jump rope classes and teams in Kaysville, Utah.  Owner and head coach, Rachel Field, is a long-time fan of jump rope.  She started UpLift to provide opportunities for her own kids to join the sport and to spread the love of jump rope.  She wants people to see that jump rope is so much more than just a playground sport. 


​The name UpLift was carefully chosen to serve as a constant reminder of the culture and community that we strive to foster in our program.  UpLift is a place where everyone is welcome, encouraged, supported, and celebrated. 



"Jump rope has pushed me to be a better athlete, friend and person. I truly believe that it is the best sport ever. It has helped me gain a positive outlook on life and has improved my energy, strength, coordination, and flexibility by leaps and bounds."

"Jump rope has helped me to learn how to work hard and learn something cool that not everyone does."

"It has been fun being part of a team and doing a unique sport. It’s been fun to be able to share it with others and teach them."

"It has helped me set goals, meet fun people, and do something unique and new."

"It has challenged me physically and mentally and has taught me to never give up."

Meet The Team

Rachel Field

Head Coach

Founder and Head Coach, Rachel Field, was born and raised in Kaysville.  Her mom taught her how to jump rope at a young age, and it became a favorite pastime. Nearly every recess of sixth grade found her playing double dutch games on the playground. Rachel created this program in part as a way to honor her younger self. 


A passionate teacher, Rachel studied education at Utah State University.  She now applies those skills to teaching jump rope to students of all ages.  

Rachel loves crafts, camping, music, nature, board games, and spending time with her husband and four kids. 

Skipping Rope

Rachel Hales

Competition Coach

Rachel is awesome!  Check back soon to read more about her. 

Skipping Rope


Beginning Recreational Class Coach

Cheyenne is awesome!  Check back soon to read more about her. 

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