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Competition Team

Our competition team travels throughout the western United States to compete against other teams in speed and freestyle events. Jumpers train year round and choreograph their own freestyle routines. Each jumper competes in up to 14 different events!

Competition Events:
Single Rope Speed Sprint (30 seconds)
Single Rope Speed Endurance (3 minutes)
Pairs Double Unders (30 seconds each)
Single Rope Speed Relay (4 athletes x 30 seconds)
Double Dutch Comp Speed (30 seconds)

Double Dutch Speed Sprint (1 minute)
Double Dutch Speed Relay (4  x 30 seconds)
Individual Single Rope Freestyle
Single Rope Pairs Freestyle
Wheel Pairs Freestyle
Double Dutch Single Freestyle (3 athletes)
Double Dutch Pairs Freestyle (4 athletes)
Double Dutch Triad Freestyle (5 athletes)
Single Rope Team Freestyle (4 athletes)


Nationals 2024

Sponsor our Team!

We are excited to be competing at the 2024 American Jump Rope National Championships in Salt Lake! We are lucky to have this incredible event so close to home, but competitor fees are still expensive. Help our 12 jumpers get to Nationals by becoming a sponsor!

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